Time are running out! Malaysia will become Oil importer in 2015 or much earlier

Posted On 13/02/2008

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Malaysia time are short.

If the country continue the unsustainable economy pace mandate by the Barisan National Government, there is slim chance Malaysia can survive the high inflation when the country become net oil importer in year 2015.

All the economy corridor plan are nothing but a white elephant property building plan.

There is little human capital investment in any of those economy corridor. It is obvious, just look at the politically controlled Malaysia university. To date, none of the university principal has any clue on providing man power for ANY economy corridor. And those economy corridor will collapse like the Evillage .

And the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) RM 4.6 billions bail out already signal the more failure in the future.

It is a truth, beside money, no economy region plan in the world without human capital. Malaysia now falls short on the cheap hard labor advantage vs China,Vietnam. The country must transit towards human capital investment. However, despite of 50 years of Barisan Nasional ruling, more and more country leap ahead of Malaysia.

Foreign direct Investment(FDI) are all aware of the near depleted Malaysia subsidies oil advantages, in less than 7 years. If anyone land the their bricks and mortar in Malaysia, they must look into other advantages than oil subsidies. Otherwise, it will be face cutthroat competition from competitors that land on country that offer better competitive edge.

The BN government are not sailing the country to no man land, but sea with huge numbers of iceberg(competitive neighborhood country). The hijacked postal voters e.g. armies, remote area government servant can do little to change the country fates except to sink with it.

But will Malaysian who having the rights to vote the next government realise the danger of the sails? Malaysian don’t have the luxury to stay status quo!


One Response to “Time are running out! Malaysia will become Oil importer in 2015 or much earlier”

  1. Maverick SM

    I’m waiting for that day to come; 2015!

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