Vote BN, middle class will become poorer, and poor fell to poverty.

Posted On 13/02/2008

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Lulu are angry about this MaChAi fella blackmailing people to vote him

However, according to a resident commenter

wits0 said…

This Tong crapped plenty in 2004. This is another rehashed, repeat performance.

BTW having previously lived in Kg Simee for many years, I’ve never heard of any serious flood problems.

What is talking about here???


Samy Value promises Kg. Siput residents a brand new bridge.
Say the residents, “But dato samy, there’s no river there!”
Samy Value,”Don’t worry, I will build a new river”.

If Ipoh Timur people vote this MaChAi, there will be sleepless night for them when it rain. Because in order to justify the flood mitigation program, you need some serious floods! And making flood is not difficult task for unnecessary “development” .
Talking about asking trouble to enter your home 😉


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