Will EC apply indelible ink properly in 2008 Malaysia general election?

Posted On 13/02/2008

Filed under Food for thoughts

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Soon, we will know whether Lulu prediction will come true(I hope not).

Lulu Thinks The Way Indelible Ink Is Being Applied Still Leaves Room For Cheating

And this is the camouflage that Lulu refer to

Besides the cover up, there is many way to remove the ink from the nail. And the easier way are painting few coat of nail polisher. A nail polisher remover can remove the indelible ink completely, and voila, you are eligible phantom voter for many place. Malaysia Boleh!

The opposition better run a lab test on the indelible ink ASAP. The country has spend RM 3 millions on the ink, so better check it out it is not cheapo iodine that can be dissolve and wash easily with mild ammonia and vinegar mixture.

I am not surprise that the corrupted Malaysia Election councils will play the same trick from Afganistan.


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