To denied majority, every vote count : why BN hates normal voter but love postal votes

I have say this once in my blog, I just want to repeat it. Due to gerrymandering, the REAL majority votes that represent Barisan Nasional gather no more than 30.66% support votes from the population of 27 millions (or 8.2millions people)

Yes, it is a result of gerrymandering. That means “IN FACT”, Malaysia government are not represent by majority, but MINORITY. Those minority that know little about the country fates.

To make the first changes, Malaysia must learn to switch votes, all should consider to give ALL votes to opposition. Because the confirmed gerrymandering cheating, incumbent Barisan Nasional already secure many seat with phantoms votes, cheater postal votes.

In fact, Barisan Nasional don’t need ANY physical voter to win. Just mangling with postal vote and phantom votes, they have enough number to secure MANY sites. Well, with exception of urban area with volunteer election watchground that count the number carefully.


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