Malaysia Election 2008 Google keyword : Fong Po Kuan 谷歌八卦小辣椒冯宝君 :好旺!真的好旺!

It is not risky to bet that 7 days in a row, the hottest election keyword for Malaysia will be Fong Po Kuan and DAP (Democratic Action Party).

Nobody will care reading Badawi propaganda news, and even UMNO-MCA political controlled mainstream newspaper(MSM- AKA mainstream media) running out of idea spin goods news for Badawi poor performance. And the MSMS can’t touch anything call SCOMI, not anything to do with Chimp , TNT , 4.6 billions. And the MSM can’t keep playing good news which against the reverse global economy trends, which might eventually blow up and spat right on their face.

So nothing beat the three vowel keyword, D-A-P and Fong Po Kuan.

Using Google, there is 14,600 site direct associate with “Fong po kuan”. (Using the quotation mark will narrow down random keyword that not associate to her).

And the mandarin keyword 冯宝君“ , google will return 4,280 entries.

However, the mandarin keyword Fong Po Kuan AKA Chili Padi 小辣椒 冯宝君 yield a whopping 22,800 entries.

When the news break out, comments start flooding the blog runs by Fong Po Kuan . When I enter this morning, there is more over 70 comments. By the time I write this blog, the comment has floods the blog with 223 comments. Do take note that the blog entry are dated Feb 14 2008. Fong Po Kuan are yet to reply any comment nor update any new entry in her blog.

Forget about Edison Chan scandal photo, now the No.1 topics that most voters want to know, are the reason behind the Chilli Padi resignation.

Some Malaysia social political bloggers has show their anger over DAP seat swapping practice that lead to Fong Po Kuan dire move.

Political snippets(2)
Shot In The Foot

DAP leader, Lim Kit Siang has make his move , and already gather 148 response.

Yet, there is no story or news leak out about the fighting inside DAP Perak state branch. All MSM are speculating with all sort of reason. It is safe to conclude that, Fong Po Kuan name alone, has broke multi millions ringgit mark by appearing on all MSM headline. As long as people know nothing about what happen in Perak DAP, the speculation will continue, and the MSM will not hesitate to make every “bad news” of the “fighting story of DAP Perak ” as headline. And everyone, including MSM, will rush to any DAP Parliament members blog site, in hope that they will give some hint over the issue. Perhaps you can say the whole things has become a MSM news treasure hunts.

As noted by many, it is a bombshell dropped just in front of the opposition parties. On the other hand, it might be a key turning point for DAP to put down possible competition for constitution seat. Besides freezing the fight, Fong Po Kuan move inevitably stop PKR from requesting DAP to surrender/exchange some key contesting point.

A wild though just pop up in my mind. With Fong Po Kuan popularity, will DAP rush her husband, Tan Chen Choon to capture a Johor borderline parliament seat?

So who will leak out the bakua ?
Will it be Lim Kit Siang ? Or the Sassy MP Teresa Kok. Or even Malaysia blog world taiko Jeff Ooi?

Or some other DAP Parliament members/speaker? Take you guess. 🙂
Tan Seng Giaw
Lau Weng San
Teng Chang Khim
Ronnie Liu


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