Lydia Sum, RIP 肥姐, 好走。

著名香港长青女艺人,沈殿霞, 于2月19 号, 2008年 逝世, 享年 61

关于沈殿霞, 我所知不多。 香港女作家李碧华, 在她的杂文写过关于沈殿霞的风范 : 肥姐除了亲民之外, 非常照顾后进和同台表演的人。 沈殿霞甚至连同伴的台词也背下来。 曾经不只一次, 肥姐的主持同伴忘词,肥姐会用她的手紧握着对方让他她们安心, 帮他她们说出忘词的部份, 没有多少人会发现肥姐帮忙救场的部分。 事后肥姐一字不提,也不居功, 专业得令人赞叹。

中外演艺界, 像沈殿霞如此人物, 真的是屈指可数。 用肥姐的来称呼沈殿霞, 事实上是香港演艺界人对这个大姐姐的尊敬。

肥姐, 好走!


RIP, Lydia Sum 沈殿霞 (July 21, 1947 – February 19, 2008)

Famous Hong Kong script writer Lee Pik Wah has wrote her observation on Lydia Sum performance over the stage. During performance, besides her own script, Lydia Sum memorize the partner scripts as well.

During the occasion where the performer forget the line, before the audience realise the obvious pause, Lydia Sum will calm her partner by grabbing their hand, speak the forgotten scripts in sub seconds.

After Lee Pik Wah wrote her observation, whenever Lydia Sum appear on direct broadcast show, I make my own observation. Yes, it is truth that Lydia Sum has save the day many times. It is a professional that few of Broadway theatre host are able to match. Fei-Jeh Lydia Sum are few Hong Kong performers that I respect.

Rest in Peace, Fei-Jeh.


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