Jokes (3) : National Security 笑话(3) : 国家机密

Posted On 26/02/2008

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Due to the International media pressure, Badawi decide to find out the status of the political prisoner held under ISA (Internal security act). Badawi ask Najib to screen out 3 political prisoner and find out the reason behind their detention.

First ISA prisoner, a HINDRAF guy. Najib ask, “so what are you charge off?”.
HINDRAF guy say, “I claim UMNO government are corrupted”.
Najib, “Well, you didn’t see the overall picture. Since you care about government, you are free to go”.

Second ISA prisoner, a NGO activist. Najib ask,”So what gets you?”.
The NGO activist answer,” I told the media the government are corrupted and incompetent”.
Najib, “Well, you are much extreme than the first guy. But you speak of some truth, you are free to go”.

Third ISA prisoner, Raja Petra . Najib ask,”Well well, what did you say”.
Raja Petra answer, “I told the people in my website, Badawi are stupid!!!”.

Najib ask,”Too bad, you need to stay. You just speak out the trust and post a threat to the national security”.


那吉: “这个确实是存在的个别现象,你关心国家,这很好嘛,无罪释放!“

第二个,”你犯的什么罪呀” 答:”抨击政府无能”。
那吉 : “你说的虽于偏激,但有时也是实际情况,好吧,你也无罪释放。”。

那吉 : ”混账!你泄露国家机密,罪大恶极,判你无期!”


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