Election Project : Proving indelible ink are indeed indelible

Posted On 27/02/2008

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BN politikus say don’t believe blogger. But wait, they say don’t believe the Internet, a decade ago.

After doing a google search for the keyword remove indelible ink , I start make up a list of method to remove the indelible ink, to confirm that the RM60 ringgit per bottle indelible ink are indeed “indelible”.


Hair Spray<br /
Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
Nail Polish Remover or Acetone,
Spirits of Turpentine
absorbent with Afta® or Carbona®

From Manila, blogger darkhammer has learn something about “indelible ink”.

Apparently, it has been reported that the “indelible” ink that is placed on voter’s fingers to signify that they have already voted was not that indelible after all. There was even a video that showed that all it took was a few dabs of alcohol to remove the “indelible” ink.

I decided to test this, since my finger got a generous dose of ink from the guys at the precinct desk. I dipped a wad of cotton in alcohol and proceeded to rub.

Lo and behold, no more indelible ink! 🙂

I wonder why… 😉


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