Sungai Siput people retired Samy Velu and create byebye Samy Festival

Posted On 28/02/2008

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Sungai Siput, an infamous Malaysian constituency with tons of postal and army votes, turn to be Samy Velu stronghold.

However, it is also due to the Sungai Siput people clueless about Samy Velu.
Let’s see 2004 statistics.

Turnout: 30806 (65.8%)Voters: 46783
Samy Vellu Sangalimuthu (BN – MIC) 18797
Micheal Jeyakumar Devaraj (OPP – KEADILAN) 8562
Sanmugam Ponmugam Ponnan (OPP – DAP) 2864

composition of voter
Malay/Chinese/Indian/Others 31.40/41.40/22.50/4.70

Samy only manage to gain 7K+ votes to him. With phantom and army, it is not difficult to assume 5,000 he get are none other than phantom and postal votes.

If the Sungai Siput kick Samy Velu butt, they will gain instead of losing promises never fulfilled by Samy.

If you recall the jokes on Sungai Sipt.

Samy make a speech in Sungai Siput. “I will build a bridge for all village people in Sungai Siput”. A village people question,”But Mr Samy, we don’t have a river here in Sungai Siput, it is useless to us”.

Samy answer,”Don’t worry, the government will build the river along the way”


Samy breucap di ceramah, “Kita akan bina satu jambatan untuk orong-orong kampong disini”, one pakcik asked, “Datuk, sini takde sungai,buat apa bina jambatan?” and Samy glorious replied,”Kalau takde sungai, kita bina sungai!”

If Sungai Siput people ditch out Samy Velu, they can indeed take the opportunity to make a carnival, perhaps name it as “BaiSamy-Bai” festival. Create a mock up “Sungai siput bridge” 😉 and many other fun fares factor, I bet it is more fun than any amusement center. 😉


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