(6) : The jokes of killing Samy Velu 竞选笑话(6) : 捏死三美维鲁的故事

A Tamil man in Sungai Siput oil palm plantation has submit application to get basic facilities for his house. For 20 years, he keep voting for Samy Velue due to his promises during every election.

However, his house never get electricity nor water, the local council officer always say the Tamil man application are in the waiting list.

At last, he say enough is enough, the Tamil tell his friend, “I have enough of Samy Velu bullshit, I am going to strangle him to dead”, and he rush to Samy Velu election pooling center before his friend able to stop him.

After 2 hours, the Tamil man returned. His man are shocked,”Have you done it?”
“No”, the Tamil man say, “the queue are longer than my waiting list”.


二十年来的每一届国家选举, 一个住在油棕园丘的淡米尔男人投票给三美。 因为每一次的选举, 三美都承诺会帮助他解决住家的水电问题。 可是二十年来, 淡米尔男人每次去政府部门催促, 官员们都说他水电的申请还在排列中。




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