Election jokes (11) : Feels good 笑话(11) : 感觉良好

Question : Are Malaysia new economy policies and Islam Hadhari viable to country like USA?
Answer : Yes, it is viable. But then, where can we get iPhone?”


Malaysia mainstream media journalist ask a passerby, “Do you read newspaper”.

Answer , “Off course. Otherwise I never know I am living in paradise.”


Question : Why Malaysia are falling in many country?
Answer : Every UMNO election will make a big U-Turn to the national policies.


An old man walking along the monsoon drain, unfortunately, he slip into the drain. He call for help. Two RELA member pass by pretend not seeing the old man.

The old man shout, “Badawi are idiot, UMNO are corrupted, MCA are fucking running dog”. The RELA member quickly jump down the monsoon drain, carried up the old man and scarf him.


Question : When Barisan Nasional dominate the parliament, will ISA still exist?

Answer : No, it is unnecessary. Because Malaysian has learn to send themselves to prison.



“可能的。但是那样的话我们到哪里买 Ipod?”


马来西亚某主要媒体记者访问路人, “你经常读报纸吗”






老者情急生智,随又高呼“巫统是猪头, 马华是狗崽”!两警察闻之大惊,随急速跳入河中,将老者拖上岸来铐之。


问 : 当国阵一党专阵的时候, ISA 还存在吗?
答 : 当然不。那时候所有公民都已经学会自己逮捕自己


One Response to “Election jokes (11) : Feels good 笑话(11) : 感觉良好”

  1. Maverick SM

    That’s great quotation.

    I like the man in the drain story.


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