Elections jokes (5) : Oh! Samy Velu 竞选笑话(5) : 阿哟哟,三美

After the HINDRAF protest. In some KL street , a western journalist stop a Tamil man and ask him, “Can you tell me your opinion about Samy Velu”.

“Oh, Samy Velu Well, I can’t give the answer here, follow me”, the Tamil man answer.

Together, they walk to an empty alley, the journalist ask,”Now, can you tell me you opinion about Samy Velu?”

“No, not here.”, the Tamil answer.

The Tamil man bring the journalist for a long walk, when they reach an empty flag apartment corridor, impatient, the journalist ask, “Well, how about here”.

“No, not here, it is not safe here”, the Tamil man answer.

They walk down the stair, and enter the flag apartment empty underground car park.

“Now can you tell me you opinion about Samy Velu”, the journalist ask.

“Well”, the Tamil man answer, he look the surrounding with tension with tensions, put down his voice and whisper on the journalist ear,”actually, I like Samy”.


兴权会抗议游行过后。 外国媒体在吉隆坡街上找到一位印度人, 问他 :“你觉得三美怎么样?“









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