Chew “May13” Mee Fun remind me of Mao ZeDong

Lulu does a math

MCA PJU parliamment candidate Chew “May13” Mee Fun has printed 109 pages booklet, with 50,000 in total, and guess what is the name of the booklet? “her greatest coup”.

Malaysia government don’t encourage the people to learn what going on around the world, because they don’t want you to learn how government can screw their people with propaganda.

Let me introduce you the little red book by Mao Zedong

In the little red book, Mao has make 427 quotations, divided thematically into 33 chapters.

In Chew “May13” Mee Fun, “her greatest coup” make up of 109 pages of self glorification.

Lulu has done the calculation

109 pages in a booklet = 55 photostated pages
x0.02sen = RM1.10/booklet
x50,000 booklets = RM55,000

It doesn’t exceed the RM200,000 election campaign spending limits. Alas, it doesn’t justify one to publish a self glorification. Oh, please, none of any school of philosophy school in Chinese cultures has a thick skin to make this. None except Mao ZeDong, the king of all propaganda (Compare to Mao, Stalin propaganda skill are third rank ).

Oh my!



China Cultural revolution start in year 1969 and end in 1976 with the arrest of Gang of four. During the period, around 15 millions people are prosecuted, and 750,000 to 1 millions people are died in the course.


MCA Chairman Ong Ka Ting has publish a book named “Ong Ka Ting Quote” in year 2005, 147 pages, RM18.
Critique has nickname it as “The little yellow book”. However, such nickname are never mentioned in mainstream newspaper. Malaysia mainstream media, theStar are own by MCA. While all Chinese paper are own by businessman connect to MCA.


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