The Disastorous Barisan Nasionalism

The obnixious 5xmom spotted a new a statistic posted by the Barisan Nasional machinery about literacy rates in Malaysia : 98%.

Alas, the high literacy rates has little to help transit Malaysia heavily rely on hard labor than services/knowledge base economy.

Worst, with so called “harmony” country, Malaysia are a failure in the world literature arena. Despite the rich mutli-ethnics cultures, 50 years of country development, Malaysia are yet to produce any comparable universal literature master pieces.

A good literature might not represent how strong the country is. However, literature is the one of the way to show strong the country cultures.

If you think cultures are not important for your everyday life, it will be a grave mistake.

Because it is the culture that shape our everyday life : when you line up to buy something; how the government servant threat their job; how you behave when driving on the road; how you threat the waiters, the reason you buy certain books; how a police work/threating the civilian; the choice of your movie ;etc, all has something to do with the cultures.

Thus, a suppressing government might restrict writer from publishing their works in the country, but the strong culture is the backbone of all literature.

So what does years of Barisan Nasionalism has done to Malaysia ? Few people realise that Malaysia has undergone a silences cultural revolution that closely resemble to the China version. The only different is China use the red guard to execute the work in open radical way, but Malaysia did the cultural revolution with many Napoleons(Animal farm) in various department in a black box manner.

Indeed, many Malaysian has trade the false security that portrait by Barisan Nasionalism. Few sense the potential danger of monolithic cultural do to the society. People will argue that because I write it on the liberalism standpoint.

However, Thomas Jefferson has point out the stupidity of people flip flop about security vs freedom

Those willing to give up a little liberty for a little security, deserve neither security nor liberty.

The day Malaysian surrender to to Barisan Nasionalism fake security for liberty of the culture, the death sentences of the country are timed.


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