The Ultimate Idiot guide for Warkah-untuk-PM

Posted On 03/03/2008

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The Obnixious 5xmom got reply from the adhoc Badawi auto response churning website.

When looking at the letter from the photo post, I notice the obvious “official” wording. Indeed, all this letter are pretexted and standard for of people who bother to put “sound their voices”.

Now, let’s play, here is the ultimate caffeinbar tips for all to make fun of this site, since you tax money are paid.

  1. Register a new gmail or yahoo mail account. Try not to use horny name 😉 , because the mail feeder might filter up funny name. Be creative, for example, Nor Ei See, Nor Dy Man, Mike In Law, ReeSaiKe Bin dollah, WanTerm a/L Pee em
  2. Go to the website,
  3. Now enter all sort of RANDOM info. Okay, this is a idiot guide for Warkah-untuk-PM, but if you are STUPID enough to enter your real personal info, too bad, you need to read the other book, “CAffeinbar Idiot guide to make yourself looks smarter”
  4. If you are afraid of the respective parties tracing you, you may consider openproxy . However, those people are looking for better money perspective than wasting precious time after you
  5. Summit the form
  6. Wait half a day, and check the reply
  7. Repeat step one with different name if you want confirm the mail bot theory
  8. Do anything you like, e.g. blog about, rant about it, print it out and frame it, put voodoo on it,etc. 😉

Have fun 🙂


One Response to “The Ultimate Idiot guide for Warkah-untuk-PM”

  1. Radzi Latif

    I am one of the NGO leaders that took time to convince PM to agree to;

    It is a genuine effort to give citizens access to the PM. The NGOs are there to ensure that good ideas of citizens are given due attention and if deemed appropriate the ideas are to be implemented by the government.

    The PM responded well and its a loss of opportunity if we citizens of the cyber world doubt the genuine intention to have our voice being heard . Worst if we are suspicous of the noble intention and refused to give our particulars thus making it impossible for the PM to send an appropriate reply.

    If you care to note, the web site did not request us to submit our NRIC. It was deliberate because, we are not here to trace whether the sender is a voter or not.

    You know how it works, you can remain anonymous and the system still accepts your email. What we need is just your email address . You could open a new yahoo account and disguise your self, what is important the PM , his team in the PM’s office and the sender could have a two way communication channel.


    Radzi Latif

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