To those who CANNOT vote

Posted On 03/03/2008

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Less than 1 week for the pooling day.

What can you do if you are register voter but can’t vote for many reason? Whether due to absurd corrupted Election commission rulings or personal reason, you still can participate to take your part.

What can you do even you can’t vote?

  • Take part as Polling and Counting Agents
  • Donate to help opposition candidates that short of funds, whether for election or even after they make their way to the Parliament or state councils. You may contribute to DAP, PKR , PAS . If you think of donating to any Barisan Nasional, if you are cronies of BN, you already did that.
  • Get your family member to vote for opposition. Remember, it is only a strong opposition will GUARANTEE the actual liberty and security. Don’t make the future generation hate you for pawning their future with the unsustainable security. If you are Barisan Nasional cronies, fuck off, since you already secure you butts in country like Australia,New Zealand.
  • If you are BN supporter but failed to get any ludicrous constract, you should start reading George Orwell Animal Farm. If you can’t learn anything from it, do consider to castrate yourself. Winning the Darwinawards by cleansing yourself from the gene pool, perhaps will speed up the humanity evolution.

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