Should and will Anwar Ibrahim apologies?

Ktemoc latest political snippets write yet another eye rolling call. I highlighted it in BOLD

Case II

My dear peng yu, Anwar Ibrahim protested again ‘I’m no chameleon’.

According to Malaysiakini, he was accused by the MCA in an Election 2008 campaign leaflet of:

(1) Being against the Chinese cultural lion and dragon dances when he was then culture, youth and sports minister in 1982

(2) Decreeing that the teaching of Chinese and Indian studies in Universiti Malaya be in Bahasa Malaysia in 1987 when he was education minister

(3) placing non-Mandarin speaking administrators in government-run Chinese primary schools [which provoked an attempted meeting among the anxious MCA, Gerakan and DAP a la Shaolin Temple that led to Operation Lallang – Uncle Lim gained his LLB while eating nasi kandar or perhaps nasi kosong in Kem Kamunting]

Malaysiakini reported his response as: “Nothing I did and said in the language and cultural spheres were not standard BN-Umno policy.”

😉 that’s my boy – it’s always someone’s fault, with those ministerial policies of his being ‘standard BN-UMNO polices’, not his as Culture and Education Ministers respectively, but someone’s, anyone’s, whoever in BN or UMNO’s.

Who developed policies then on culture if not the Culture Minister?

Who developed policies then on education if not the Education Minister?

He then diverted attention to some other UMNO champion for his keris antics, but note he didn’t (couldn’t) deny he issued those draconian polices, other than it was ‘standard BN-UMNO’ policies, and not His Teflon-ness’.

And you anwaristas wonder why I can’t accept him. If only he had said: “Yes, I did all those and regretted it. Being in prison and outside UMNO have made me see things differently” but alas, he has been too clever (or conceited) by half and lost a golden opportunity to show he has repented.

But then he’s Anwar Ibrahim, isn’t he!

unshamefully I copy and paste this from Ktemoc blogs comments section 😉
Commenter kittykat46 said…

The principal racist instigator leading up to Ops Lallang was Najib Tun Razak.
He was at the head of the mammoth UMNO rally , brandishing the Keris threatening it to be bathed in Chinese blood.

Yet Ktemoc has given Najib a totally free ride in his blogs, nay, he has even been a Najib apologist in one or two posts in the past.

Ktemoc writes well, but his unrelenting negativity towards Anwar Ibrahim diminishes him.

Apparently, many people has yet to learn the idea of shared responsibilities. Shared responsibilities are a term that well defined in religions book, for example, Buddhism has give it a term : Gong-Yek (共业).

The issue of shared responsibilities are more serious than “don’t rock the boat”. It is about individual actions that definite the group which shapes the future outcome and consequences. For example, in a flag, if 1 person litters the corridor with a small piece of paper, the place will become rubbish bin after 20th people did it. If those who live that doesn’t stop the 1st and 2nd people who did it, they will bears the fruits of turning their place to rubbish dump.

And Anwar Ibrahim are one of those that “live there” when he inside Barisan Nasional government, executing the Barisan Nasionalism policies.

Did anyone notice Malaysia government NEVER apologies for wrong doing that concern the public interest? For 50 years, no incumbent has the guts to apologies for 1969 May 13 incidents , nobody apologies for numerous structural collapse that cause many death, nobody apologies for little napoleon(Animal farm) that fooling around with education policies, and the list goes endlessly.

In short, although looks like a big country, Malaysia refusal on apologies on wrong doing, has make the country a cultural midgets. And that, cost Malaysia dearly. In fact, its intangible value are more expensive than the profit that Malaysia earn from Petronas oil money.

Many Malaysian blames the NEP, blames the corruptions, cronies, nepotism, however, few has take note about the biggest issue of Malaysia : our weak cultures.

When Anwar Ibrahim become part of the system, he can’t shake off share responsibilities. Anwar cannot say,”I didn’t do it”, and wash his hand, and claim all bad things done by his colleagues, subordinates.

Fuzzy logic claims a butterfly flap its wings on North America might cause a storm in South Africa. Although it is exaggerate, but we cannot ignore the effect of individual that affect the political ecosystem.

Today, the damage and side effect of Mahatirism has show its course. Mahathir and UMNO though they have weaken the Chinese society using MCA, however, the ongoing Barisan Nasionalism years weaken both Malay races and Malaysia.

Although Mahathir slowly fading out from the political arena, however, Anwar Ibrahim, who many claim to be the potential Malaysia Prime Minister, should not continue the traits and fooling around with cultural revolution game to make unsustainable unity.

Because UMNO castrate MCA and turn them into running dog, little they know that so called “Confucianism practicer” Chinese society itself against the totalitarian Confucianism for thousands of years.

The Toaist folklore belief merely form of rebellion toward Confucianism.

For 2000 years, Chinese society scholar has sneak the liberal Zhuangzi and its study in various literature. And the fight between Taoism liberal idealism vs authoritarian Confucianism continue until today.

Perhaps the partial correct view Mahathir ever talk about Chinese cultures are, “It is difficult to understand Malaysia Chinese “. Because Mahathir pretends Chinese cultures are monolithically surround by Confucianism. Because the Chinese cultures are so uniques that even many Chinese themselves has little idea about the thousands year of struggling between liberals(ZhuangZi) and authoritarian (Confucianism).

Alas, due to the cryptic interpretation of Zhuangzi itself, in the negative aspect of Toaism influences, Chinese also has the tendency to separate themselves from real politics. While on the positives aspect, those Chinese are stubborn liberals. For example, the Chinese education fighter, Lim Lian Giok , the founder of Kuala Lumpur Confucian school, are actually a liberals follower rather than Confucian follower.

It is true that the early day hard labor Chinese are loose Confucianism follower , which can easily be bought over, suppress with force. Something that resemble Indonesia Chinese. However, when Chinese education set root, it has tied up Malays culture with it. Today, Malaysia Barisan Nasionalism style of “strengthen Malay in economic, politics, literacy” has indeed weaken Malay themselves.

Now come back to Anwar Ibrahim. Should he apologies for what he done in the government to cooperate with Barisan Nasionalism that weaken the country?

My answer is yes. Malaysia heavily burden by the 1969 NEP(New economy policies). Malaysian who using economy and stability as the excuses for NEP, has no idea about the contents of “culture’. Indeed, the development of electricity, automobile, telecommunication, Internet,etc are directly affected by individual cultures. Take Ipod as example, it is not due to Steve Job visionary abilities, but Steve Job abilities to introduce an “Apple cultures” that enable Macbook era, towards Ipod,etc.

It is part of Anwar Ibrahim responsibilities that cooperate with the disastrous policies.

In fact, Anwar Ibrahim apologies on the suppressing Chinese education policies doesn’t restrict to Chinese, but to ALL Malaysian, including ethnics Malay, non-Malay bumiputra. Doing it, it show he learn the lesson to qualify as the true leader of all Malaysian, not the sleepy head hypocrite Badawi.

Will Anwar Ibrahim make the move? I will keep my finger cross.


3 Responses to “Should and will Anwar Ibrahim apologies?”

  1. kawan

    I shall wait for the day he apologizes. But it still doesn’t mean I and millions of people will forgive him. People always believe bad habit is hard to break.

    moo_t : IMHO, today, many still view Anwar as PART OF THE SYSTEM. No, I don’t think people will forgive what he did overnight. Actually the problems lies there : as long as Anwar evade the issue, it will forever be the burden of PKR, Anwar, Anwar supporter and whoever “don’t like him” because of the issue in the past. If Anwar really keen to learn the real issue : Malaysia cultures, he will know what I mean. And that’s my key point.

  2. LC_Teh

    Though you must have translated the whole argument directly from Chinese language, I managed to get what you are articulating about.
    Yes, DSAI’s apology splashed in the mainstream pages should translate into more votes for PKR. He should take this ‘hint’ from you. But alas…

    moo_t : Thats Anwar path, to become “yet another so so politician” or a great leader.

  3. Maverick SM

    I agree with KittyKat’s comment.

    We should not be blinkered to the fact that it is UMNO and UMNO alone that dictates the sort of leader and skewed them to be what they would be and become.

    We can observed the same reason as of Khairy. Before he became UMNO Youth Deputy Chief, he was a brave young man with good and sound ideology. What happens thereafter when he was made leader are empirical evidence of what UMNO can do to a person.

    Look at Pak Lah. Before he was PM he was of sound mind and after he became PM he allowed his family to loot the nation by consciously mandating the 4th floor to be the new powerhouse.

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