Election Quickies : More spins

1. Malaysia Election Commission now make new excuses for abandoning the indelible ink.

Howsy are not happy, he say M 2.4 Million Indelible Ink Should Be Forced Down Abdul Rashid’s Throats.

IMHO, those parliament member that support the amendment that allow the extension of EC chairman. (remember, Malayisa has broke the world record on constitution amendment).

2. Mainstream newspaper now spin Koh Tsu Koon call to handle “yet another wireless” contract to Motorola for “Penang job security”

Yes, number don’t lies. There is 4,000 worker associated with Motorola Penang. But remember this, with RM 1 billion, the country can enable more than 20,000 jobs, e.g. to help SME startup, enable education that transit Penang dependency on production that DOES not permit technology transfer.

Motorola has a foot hold in Malaysia for more than 20 years. Alas, Malaysia has FAILED to create adequate number of electronic industrial. Korea, Taiwan, which natural resources are 1000 times less than Malaysia, are now world pioneer on technology R&D.

Motorola global mobile phone market are sliding quick, against Nokia and even the Korean mobile maker. It is just matter of time China will create their home brand and take a share of it.

For wireless equipment, Motorola are now facing even greater competition from Intel. Today, most laptop computer are using Intel WIFI A/b/g chipset. And Intel planning to put 3G and even WiMAX chipset into new Personal computer and laptop computer motherboard. This mean there is no chance for Motorola to win the wireless war in mass market.

How long does that RM 1 billions contract will prevent Motorola from cutting the Penang workforce?


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