Barisan Nasional attack on Anwar Ibrahim backfired

For the past 2 days, Malaysia Barisan Nasional controlled mainstream media are brewing the news of “past allies” attack on Anwar Ibrahim.

Today, all the newspaper in Malaysia start the attack directly from the Barisan Nasioanl itself. UMNO, MCA, MIC, oh, and not to forget Gerakan and perhaps the Sarawak SUPP will join the rank.

And the agenda of the attack is none other than Anwar Ibrahim education policies of suppressing vernacular education from 1986-1991, before he taking the post of minister of Finance in year 1991.

However, the trigger happy Barisan Nasional and its propaganda machinery mainstream media : the Star, NST, Nanyang, SinChew, Utusan,Berita Harian,etc, think Malaysian are stupid.

Although Anwar Ibrahim should take the blame on the Malaysia culture suppression policies, but the Barisan Nasional culture suppression policies continue AFTER Anwar Ibrahim left the post of minister of education.

And the whole Barisan Nasional culture suppression policies AFTER Anwar Ibrahim fired
by the Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammadin year 1998.

From the period of 1998 to 2008, a whole decades, Barisan Nasional culture suppression policies NEVER stop. And to make things worst, Abdullah Badawi now introduce his Islam Hadhari idea that sideline further the heavily suppressed Malay culture.

So the attack on Anwar Ibrahim are none other than pointing back Barisan Nasional itself. And the “darkest” kettle that call the pot black are none other than the Chinese base MCA – Malaysia Chinese Association. It make sense when Malaysia opposition nickname MCA as the infamous “Bouncer and bodyguard of UMNO”.

Despite the propaganda of “30%” of Chinese control the wealth of the country, less than 10% of Malaysia education funds allocated for ALL vernacular school.

In fact, no new vernacular(either Chinese or Tamil) school are build from the period of 1998 to 2008. And those “new Chinese school build” claim by the UMNO guard dog MCA, are “school-location shifting program”. During the period, the number of Chinese vernacular school number did not increase, despite the population of Chinese has increase many folds since year 1986.

Now MCA shout in the mainstream media and making noise about Anwar Ibrahim works on 1986-1991. Did anyone remind MCA, MCA education minister(a deputy) are IN THE OFFICE since Barisan Nasional seize the government power since 1971? What has MCA done during the passing year? Snooze like Badawi?

The Kettle(MCA,UMNO) has lost its all its credibility for calling the pot dark. And to make things worst, the kettle are still boiling on top of the charcoal stove, while the pot are far from the kitchen. 😉


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