Indeed, Malaysia opposition has governing qualities

Doing homeworks, is a must have qualities for governing. Many time, I keep seeing Malaysia incumbent polickus minister FAILED to answer simple question raised. Worst, even no on Parliament debates, most (perhaps 99.9996%) Malaysia minister has no idea about the general picture of their ministry, the direction to held and what is the community topologies,etc. has make an interview on Kuching Parliament candidates on both side, DAP and BN-SUPP.

And this catch my eye (in bold) .

Kenny: What is your take on BN’s statement that “only the BN government can bring development, stability and progress to the country”?

Chong: *laughs* That’s rubbish! Ok, the development in a country is brought about by the public sector and private sector. They complement each other. In Kuching, especially in the city area, development will be carried out REGARDLESS of who is the sitting MP in the area. The most developed place in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, and we have so many DAP MPs there. The least developed area is Ulu Kapit or Baram, and all the time Barisan Nasional has won the elections in those areas. Likewise in Kuching, and Kuching is developing at such a fast pace that I don’t think the government policies are catching up with it. Well, Kuching is under DAP. After I won the Kuching seat in 2004, we had Swinburne University, RM60million project.

He did his homework and more.

Just compare interview between DAP and BN, it seems BN candidates has NO idea what they are talking about. BN candidates don’t do homeworks on the locality issue nor the general climates, the mindset are still stuck 1970 technique, talking “big things,big development” that has little benefit towards the poeple.


Interview With Chong Chieng Jen, DAP Candidate For Bandar Kuching

Interview With Alan Sim, BN-SUPP Candidate For Bandar Kuching


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