Jokes (12) : More naugthy election jokes

Source from I can has cheez burger dot com

Late night, Abdullah Badawi went out of Sri Perdana to buy some supper for Jean. After getting the supper, before he reach manage to call his driver, a robber point the gun at him, “Give me all your money”.

Abdullah Badawi very angry, he ask the robber, “What are you doing, I am Abdullah Badawi, Malaysia Prime Minsiter!”.

The robber answer, “Well…….give me back my own money.”.


Judge,”So you refuse to get a proper wages job than robbing people, am I right? ”

Snatch thieve, “There is is exception. During the last election, I vote for you get 50 Ringgits”.



Malaysia Prime minister, Deput Prime minsiter and many others cabinet member that a flight to attend an important meeting. The plane crash before it near the airport. All are bring out from the scrapped plane and send to PutraJaya hospital.

The journalists flood PutraJaya emergency room. After 12 hours, the doctor come out. The journalist ask, “So doctor, are the Prime Minister all right”. The doctor answer in a sorrow voice, “No, the Prime minister can’t make it….”

The journalist question the condition of the DPM,”how about the deputy prime minister?”. In a sad voice, the doctor answer, “He can’t make it too.”.

All the journalist start questioning, “Then..just tell us who are save?”

The doctor speak in inspiration,”Malaysia are saved!”.


Mandarin Version

深夜,巴达维要去帮阿珍买夜宵。 结果在路上遇到抢匪… 抢匪拿着枪

  指着巴达维说:“把身上的钱交出来!” 巴达维勃然大怒说:“你这什么态度?我可是堂堂首相耶!” 抢匪:“喔,那……把我的钱还来。”





某天,首相、副首相,内阁部长…等大官一起参加一个会议,结果发生连环车祸, 送至医院急 救,记者们闻风赶至医院 …. 稍久,医生出来了,记者忙着问:

“医生!医生!首相有救吗?” 医生沮丧的摇摇头说:“唉..首相没救了…”

记者又问:“医生!医生!副首相有救吗?” 医生又沮丧的摇摇头说:“唉…也没救了…”

记者就问:“那…到底谁有救?” 医生精神一振说:“马来西亚有救了!”


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