Malaysia Bloggers start reporting general election results to relief Internet overload

Apparently, doesn’t expect the number of user overwhelming their site. must find a way to cut down the web page size, otherwise their server will follow the step of Malaysiakini.

It seems Malaysia national news agency are no better than Malaysiakini, Bernama also overwhelm by the surprise losses of many “Barisan Nasional heavy weight”.

Although Digi has start their “election results broadcast” plan, however, their network might not be able to delivery results on time. When the whole country mobile network traffics settle the dust, their result will be late.

And all mobile network (Digi,Celcom,Maxis)channel might be overwhelming of various “concerning reports” from various people.

Curious people are flocking to Jeffooi site and create massive traffics that render the site out of services.

So who will be next? Well, none other than Project Petaling Street blogs aggregater.

To get Malaysia general results for year 2008, it is time blogger start taking over the mainstream media job to clear the information overlord.

Alternate site you can check Malaysia 2008 General Election results
Alternate Malaysiakini site
or or or or or

Dap election results site
Elizibeth Wong



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