Malaysia opposition start making the call : NO PARADE !!!!!!!

Posted On 08/03/2008

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From the google newsreader, I manage to read JeffOoi site.

Makkal sakti! It’s a TSUNAMI result for Penang.

Stay calm. No victory parade. Don’t give any party the reason to declare an emergency.

Stay calm. Stay cool. Stay home.

Provocateurs has no chance to play dirty is there is NOBODY on street to instigate.


3 Responses to “Malaysia opposition start making the call : NO PARADE !!!!!!!”

  1. Khairul H.

    No need to worry. We’re all indoors checking the internet for latest election results. Way to go Opposition! Woo-Hoo!

  2. GnomeFan

    yeah.. dont go out.. they’ll be alittle bit of disturbances..aiyo..
    hope that the opposition party can keep up with their promise! ;p

    moo_t : No the acid test time.

  3. Khairul H.

    Today’s Msians aren’t easily fooled like back in 69. As a Malay (and PKR supporter) I can tell you here in Sgor, the UMNO hardcore supporters are shell shocked. They’re consoling themselves by saying they are still the govt but I can see it in their eyes…”what the hell just happened??” HAHAHAHAHA

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