May the new mayor of Kuala Lumpur make his/her name sound!

For 39 years. No Malaysia are able to remember any name of the mayor/town councils head in their city/town.

While for the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, nobody know the name of the Kuala Lumpur. It is not because the Kuala Lumpur doing a good job, but doing a bad job that no citizen of Kuala Lumpur bother to learn who are the mayor.

Reading the world news, we now learn many great leader country has once upon a time, especially mayor of the capital city. Korean new Prime Minister, Lee Myung Bak are once the the mayor of Seoul city. Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian are mayor of metropolitan Taipei, the 10 millions population city. While Mah Ying Jiu, the recent Taiwan presidency candidate, also mayor of metropolitan Taipei.

Alas, in Malaysia, mayor is not a respectable candidates for anything. In fact, mayor are merely a general election fall out politikus from Barisan Nasional that given luxurious jobs, full stop! Although qualification of a mayor are not important, however, for 39 years, the quality of many Malaysia mayor are so bad, that a monkey will do a better job.

Now Kuala Lumpur is under the Barisan Raykat. I can’t wait to see who are qualifies be the first real Malaysia capital city mayor that make his name sounds, for the next 5 years or the time after that.


2 Responses to “May the new mayor of Kuala Lumpur make his/her name sound!”

  1. tomatoinc

    the mayor of KL is still being appointed by the Federal Territorities Ministry, which fall under the purview of the Cabinet.
    Sorry to disappoint you.

    moo_t : Thanks for providing the facts. Perhaps the day of such practice are numbered 😉

  2. suanie

    ya that was what i thought; i.e. kl under fed gov.

    moo_t : bad news, according to tomatoinc, it is under the purview of federal territory minister. But Chinese has a proverb : Reading the book on the donkey back – Will see on the move. 走着瞧. I bet Barisan Rakyat will not give the BN appointed mayor an easy time, until they hand over it BACK to the people. Perhaps through Mayor election. We will see.

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