No more Khir Toyol for MB.. :)

Selangor people has enough of Khir Toyol.

Opposition big win for Selangor show people are getting sick of Barisan Nasional. Now Toyol can spend all his time to prepare tempeh instead of Botox for his face.


4 Responses to “No more Khir Toyol for MB.. :)”

  1. peggy

    Belly-dancing anyone?

  2. Bodowi bin Najis

    Bwahahahahar! Botoxface will no longer annoy us from BN billboards… okay, next week the new Opposition state government will ask to examine the books from all district councils… uh-oh… here, hold this over your nose, the stench of dead rats can knock you unconscious!

  3. Khairul H.

    Babai Khir Toyo. Let’s hope the new CM of Sgor can stay clean. Sgor has the (dis)honour for being the state with the most number of corrupt CMs in its histroy because they’ve always been from UMNO.

    The new guy must perform or suffer humiliation in the next G.E.

    Hidup PKR! Hidup PAS! Hidup DAP!

    moo_t : Too early to talk about cleanup. First, Malaysia must make way to for municipal councils election to cleanup the local councils mess.

  4. penyapu lama

    untuk khir…MB yang paling tak guna.. dapat kuasa jual putrajaya…dapat penyapu bagi kat rakyat…dapat projek masuk poket..hidup pkr.pas dap dapat betulkan maner yg tak betul…

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