Analysis : Can BN bought over BR as what Mahathir did in 1994 to PBS?

Many people are looking into the possible tactics play by BN : post election thoughts: defection

In 1994, many Sabah PBS state assembly members has been bought over by Barisan Nasional. Thus, despite PBS winning, many PBS state assembly members “jump ship”.

Today, Malaysia 12th general election, year 2008, unlike 1994, the new Barisan Rakyat(BR) has taken 5 states. Should Kuala Lumpur not overseen by ruling party cabinet, minister of federal territories, KL will be the 6th states under BR.

Things change radically. It is difficult to apply the 1994 logics, since opposition failed to denied BN 2/3 majorities in 1994.

It is true that everyone has a price. However, due to the big losses, it is difficult for BN to find the “correct buy over” price. Because USA subprime loan hit so hard, millions, perhaps billions of funds for such stunts has been vaporised by the market. Today, the virtue of BR candidates are many times better than PBS “frogs”. And it is impossible to relocate huge sum of cash to “buy” BR without notice.
With so many mouths to feed, it is a dilemma for BN, whether use the “gift” to their own supporter or buy over the opposition.

However, as what happens to Penang, where the people help KTK “decide” the Chief minister person by dumping all Gerakan candidate. In 10th March 2008, the stock market just help Barisan Nasional make up their mind by vaporised cronies stock value.

Now even Mahathir in the UMNO foot now, the “defect” tricks are almost impossible. Remember, the total state revenue from Penang, Selangor,Perak are enormous. The combines assets of those states worth more than few a trillions. And Malaysia economies are indeed highly focus on Selangor and Penang.

In short, Sabah PBS frogs MP are stupid, they can be bought with filthy cheap price.


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