Don’t blame BR on the stock plunge, indeed, BR has save you from pouring life saving into stock market

Many BN linked stock go south today. I expect the sell out will continue for the next few day.

Alas, seems BN mainstream media are blaming the Barisan Rakyat warning of “de-stabilise” Malaysia.

Big mistake. With or without BR denied BN majorities, the market will keep heading south, because Malaysia cannot shake off the shadow of USA recession.

And to make things worst, should BN maintain 2/3, Barisan Nasional might pour hundred million of tax payer money to bloat the stock market against the global economy climate. And the end results will be disaster.

Now, you have one more reason to thanks Malaysia who make their decision. Because BR winning, BN can’t make the move, and people has escape the fates of losing big.

Makkal Sakti! Malaysia version. 🙂


4 Responses to “Don’t blame BR on the stock plunge, indeed, BR has save you from pouring life saving into stock market”

  1. Hitam

    The political scene is unstable now and this is what investors hate!. Bursa will continues to head south until BN n BR proves that they can work together!!!

  2. Klaw

    Yes. I am willing to take this temporary hit, and hopefully reap the rewards later when investors see that the BR can be a good government as well.

  3. suanie

    haha i don’t see any cause for worries. if things go well as planned, more transparency will attract more moneyed investors who can’t give a shite about “$o, how would you like me to $mooth thing$ for you…”

  4. davidlian

    Agreed with Suanie. The greater transparency is actually better for the economy as a whole and wasn’t that the thing we were fighting for in the first place (amongst other things)?

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