KLSE plunge culprits, Commerz AKA CIMB oversell

Posted On 10/03/2008

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Wah, you people really don’t give face.

For the time being. Commerz stock trade volume shoot to 226,078. 2 times more than Maybank, 10 times more than Public bank,etc. Commerz Shed RM1.65 and now RM8.55.

And ECM Libra, please give some face to Pak Lah mah. 16% share value vaporised, now RM0.65 per share.

PBB,Public bank suffered heavy sell too. However, the stock has a high resistant factor, until now, the stock drop 6.9% .

p/s: I sold all my stock end of 2007. 🙂


2 Responses to “KLSE plunge culprits, Commerz AKA CIMB oversell”

  1. hamzah

    check out equine capital bhd!


    moo_t: RM1.1 to RM0.71 … oopps

  2. ramesh

    In the next few weeks, there’ll be many selling of krooonie counters….. most of these individuals will cash out cause it’ll be only matter of time UMNO will dish out PM and Khairy and the media spinners that seem to think that malayisins live in 19th century:) All mismangement will unfold and just as 1998.. the then Deputy PM and all his krooonie were ousted. Well, its a new begining for all Malaysians.

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