Kuala Lumpur, Federal territories, confusion

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is home to the Parliament of Malaysia. The parliament is composed of a lower House of Representatives (Dewan Rakyat) and an upper House of Senate (Dewan Negara). The city is represented in the lower House of Representatives by eleven Members of Parliament (MPs), who are elected to five-year terms. Traditionally, political leanings in Kuala Lumpur have been dominated by Barisan Nasional (BN), with seven representatives from BN and the other four from the Democratic Action Party (DAP) prior to the 2008 General Elections. After the 2008 elections BN was left with just one representative, Federal Territories Minister Zulhasnan Rafique, in the Setiawangsa seat. DAP took control of five seats, Parti Keadilan Rakyat taking four seats, and PAS one seat, marking the first time in which the majority of the Federal Territory’s constituencies was dominated by opposition parties.

Ministry of the Federal Territories

Federal Territory (Malaysia)

And commenter tomatoinc tell me this

the mayor of KL is still being appointed by the Federal Territorities Ministry, which fall under the purview of the Cabinet.
Sorry to disappoint you.

Now, the whole federal territories are surrounded by DAP,PKR,PAS, can anyone explain how the law work on this?

I bet nobody what are federal territories. Then I knock into DAP Liew Chin Tong blog about Federal Territories.

Now, I spot this

In contrast to the residents of other states in the country who elect their federal and state representatives, the 1.3 million KL residents only have the right to elect a ten-member delegation (eleven for the coming elections) to the federal parliament.
The government use of KL’s s federal capital status as an excuse to deprive the democratic rights of its citizens started a long way back. In 1961, fearing that the ruling Alliance Party’s grip on KL would be eroded in the municipal elections, the government decided to transfer authority from an elected council to an appointed Federal Commissioner, who was responsible solely to the Interior Minister.
An Advisory Board consisting of eleven members assisted the Commissioner. This is the origins of the double deprivations of KL citizens: not only could they not elect state representatives like all the other cities in the country, but they also had no appointed local council members (with decision making power) to serve them.

Now new problem arise. Now only 11 “member delegation” are come from Barisan Rakyat.

If Mahathir declaring Putra Jaya as capital city, KL will lost its capital city status, and all states seat will appear and belong to Barisan Rakyat. Even if the Sultan of Selangor did not reclaim Kuala Lumpur back to Selangor.

ROFL. Now I can think of one new rally. Kuala Lumpur for the people. 🙂 Remember, there is 11 delegate for the Kuala Lumpur people. Raja Petra has reason to call for this rally. A Kuala Lumpur mayor from the people? Oh my, I must be dreaming.


One Response to “Kuala Lumpur, Federal territories, confusion”

  1. tomatoinc

    yes, you re dreaming. I think all the ten MPs should push for a locally elected mayor. Current BN chairman in KL ZUlhasnan is one of the most rotten and rich umno cronies.

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