Day 1 : Lim Guan Eng swing the overpriced 2nd Penang bridge back to federal 林冠英四两拨千斤

Penang Administration Will Be Free From NEP, Says Lim. And this is a news from Bernama. Perhaps Bernama want to highlight NEP to angers Malays.

Since Penang Bridge congestion are cause by policies, the cost of 2nd Penang Bridge will bankrupt Penang state finance. For generation, Penang people will suffered from repaying the debts of the 2nd Penang Bridge.

In fact, with proper planning, Penang can fix the traffics problem with 1000 times less cost than building a 2nd bridge.

Since BN might take the opportunities to attack Penang administration for not building the 2nd bridge, Guan Eng has throw the problem back to federal with ease.

“I will propose the utilisation of Petronas’ proceeds to fully fund the construction of the second Penang Bridge project. I hope that the federal goverment would not scrap federal funding to the state..

Smart. It will take sometime for BN to digest it. While Lim Guang Eng will take his sweet time to relief the traffics problem and make the 2nd bridge irrelevant.

In a more interesting development, from Malaysiakini

Interestingly, the first bouquet sent to Lim’s office today to congratulate the DAP’s “historical win” was from the controversial RM25 billion Penang Global City Centre developer, Abad Naluri.

“So fast?” a surprised Lim said when told by a journalist on this. The new CM added that previously it had been very difficult for him to meet with the developer.

Now you know why DAP, PKR and PAS ask the the winning candidates switch off their mobile or some try not to stay at home. Besides BN Ringgits power, there is money pouring from other side.


在新的州政府之下, 槟城真的是百业待兴。 槟城政府首先要解决最大问题, 就是财政收入的来源。 槟岛虽然人材济济,但是多年来马来西亚人的收入无法大弧度提升,如果被国阵政府威逼建立第二大桥,槟城政府的收支肯定会出现庞大赤字。 很肯定的, 这随第二大桥来的庞大赤字, 最后的受害者还是槟城人民。

这个迫切的问题, 林冠英四两拨千斤, 就把它推回给国阵政府

林冠英说, “我将建议由国家石油公司全力融资, 来建立槟城第二大桥。 我希望联邦政府不会克扣槟城的拨款。

千亿吨的大桥超级赤字问题, 立刻被林冠英四两拨回到国阵政府身上。

很多人没有注意到,这新的槟州首席部长, 在上任的第一天, 已经解决了一个燃眉问题。


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