New state government jargon : Black Belt, lean and 6 sigma

Unless you have exposure to some management jargon or topology, you will have not idea what I am talking about.

Jeffooi has mentioned the 99.996% concept , is a target that highly regards in the Lean and Sigma process.

Slow Or inefficient?
For many year, Malaysia government are snail on increasing governing efficiency and accountability.

Many people complain “lazy” civil servant. Alas, it is a simple to make such claim, but the problem of government department are much more serious than that, it is about correct method of define efficiency.

Efficiency is not about how many document a civil document may process.
Open ended question :
A Malaysia civil servant process 100 documents in 5 days but
A Singapore civil servant process 20 documents in 2 days

Are Malaysia civil servant more efficient than Singapore civil servant?

Look at the number, Malaysia process 20 documents per day, while Singapore only process 10 documents per day. You will think Malaysia are “more efficient” than the Singapore counterpart.

But an investor will tell you NO.

Answer : It is not the output numbers that matters, but the PROCESS and RESULTS that matters.

Don’t let the number fools you unless you inspect the WHOLE PROCESS and RESULTS. I have mentioned this in explain the mindset of blaming too many holidays.

For example, to start business in Singapore, it took 5 process, 5 working days, cost 0.8% per capita.

In Hong Kong, it took 5 processes, 11 working days, cost 3.1% per capita.

While in Malaysia, it took 9 processes, 25 working days, cost 18.1% per capita.

How about the China? It took 13 process, 35 working days, and cost 8.4% per capita.

And the example, is how the investor will assess performance and results.

black belt, lean and six Sigma
A temporary improvement will not last. That’s why Lean and Six Sigma are build, to ensure sustainable,continuity of improvement.

While Lean system are mean to compliment six sigma to shorten or even eliminate unnecessary step or works.

In the system, a Black belts, as mentioned in Six Sigma

Master Black Belts, identified by champions, act as in-house expert coaches for the organization on Six Sigma. They devote 100% of their time to Six Sigma. They assist champions and guide Black Belts and Green Belts. Apart from the usual rigor of statistics, their time is spent on ensuring integrated deployment of Six Sigma across various functions and departments.

p/s: No, I don’t have little bird to inform me what will happens in the 5 states. This post are inspired by Jeff Ooi blog mentioned of 6-sigma during General election 2008.


2 Responses to “New state government jargon : Black Belt, lean and 6 sigma”

  1. lorrissa小嗄


  2. ipohchai

    I doubt if any of our politician ever heard about this Six Sigma or Lean thing. We need more professinals to be in the politic arena, not those ketua kampong, taxi driver and so on to lead our country.

    moo_t : Jeffooi ONE of the politicians now. And don’t forget Tony Pua.

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