Hot debates stirs on Lim Kit Siang blogs about DAP CEC action on Perak MB appointment

Posted On 12/03/2008

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Uncle Lim Kit Siang says : No DAP CEC mandate for PAS Menteri Besar in Perak.

And majorities of the response reject DAP CEC “immature racial base mindset”. Some blogger like Shadowfox lambaste Lim Kit Siang straight away.

I notice Lim Kit Siang purposely highlight “DAP CEC”. Hmmmmm.

Seems Lim Kit Siang are using the blogs for some unofficial facts gathering. When surrounded by many “supporters”, it is impossible to heard alternate voices, and Lim Kit Siang blogs is a explosive place to gather different voices.

Perhaps uncle Lim Kit Siang use his blogs to bring DAP supporter and DAP CEC that still in high spirits back to earth : Remember, DAP members, it is THE PEOPLE that cause the tsunami.

Well, mainstream media(MSM) will definitely publish the news and spin it to tarnish DAP Chinese chauvinist image. I can wait to see how the whole things make a drastic turn and splats on the MSM face.

I will keep my finger crossed.


One Response to “Hot debates stirs on Lim Kit Siang blogs about DAP CEC action on Perak MB appointment”

  1. LC_Teh

    I certainly hope your deductions are right, the way some people deduced the Cili-padi hoo-hah before nomination day. If not all our hopes for a real democratic country without racial politics will be dashed and the BN will be laughing again at the next polls.

    moo_t : Wait and see. Now the bloggers just start a new Makkal Sakthi to force DAP CEC to reverse the course.

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