Readers storm Lim Kit Siang blog again. Overwhelming crowd anger with DAP CEC boycott move

Again, Malaysia Internet user has cast their vote. Now on Lim Kit Siang blog.

So called “supporter” for DAP CEC to boycott tomorrow Perak MB swearing ceremony, are repetitively the same person that stress it.

And such “immature” move has been drawn by 100 times

For example, readers alaneth and APKING are spotted posting the “support” call more than 5 times. It is 2 vs 200+ (or perhaps 2 vs 2,000? since you must register yourself to comment on LKS blog).

Honestly, what DAP CEC talking about are DAP Perak Chinese supporter that reject PAS. And there is 100,000 times perhaps millions of Malaysian REJECT the boycott move.

If the mainstream newspaper editor are smart enough, they won’t put the DAP CEC boycott Perak MB swearing ceremony as headline. If Lim Kit Siang appear in the ceremony, the headline will turn junks paper.

p/s: Seems uncle Lim Kit Siang comments box(249 comments and coming in FAST) are going to surpass Fong Poh Kuan support call (total 348 comments).


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