Democracy lesson : Beware of “tail wagging” supporters become political sharks 抬轿的比坐轿的狠,小心摇尾系统变鲨鱼

Posted On 13/03/2008

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Yet another democracy lesson bring to you by moo_t : caffeinbar.

Beware of “shark” supporters

I think uncle Lim Kit Siang know this VERY WELL, DAMN WELL.

What he did on yesterday (12 Mar 2008) are mean counter the attack from outside and enemy within DAP : “shark” supporter.

For English and Malay educated reader, you will never learn about this. Not even mandarin reader will learn about this, because few will read the Chinese history throughly.

Famous Chinese historian editor Bo-Yang has define the “tail wagging” supporters as shark

When tail wagging supporters remain powerless, they just wag their tails, says beautiful words about their leader. However, if given the opportunities to touch the power, tail wagging supporters will become sharks, from harmless to harmful, from tail wagging to huge shark that bites anyone on their way.

Political shark feed with power, they will consume anyone that that speak the truth,all the dissidents. After mute all the dissident voices, they will head for their master.

I bet Desi has met a few of this inside DAP. Alas, BR and BN are never lack of it.

Don’t say I didn’t warned you, even by broken English.




林吉祥也是面对着鲨鱼群, 不得不使出 【以退】 (许多人大骂林吉祥开倒车), 【为进 】(用网上的运动来化解摇尾系统的攻击 )。


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