Malaysian : time to get used to open quarrels! ….and my solution to Perak exco issues.

Apparently, Malaysian need to attend lots of democracy course, to chase what we lost in many years.

Yes, I mean it!

First, we must learn what is the goals of democracy. Again, the school didn’t teach this. Not even the universities 😉

In fact, the goal of democracy are simple : A better life for everyone. However, the process of democracy are not simple. It is a chain of processes that interdependent.

Freedom/liberties vs securities
Alas, to achieve the goal, Malaysia must first learn that : Democracy is a never ending process. Democracy require people to participate in debate, to learn and understand it, to fight in the process, to negotiate,etc. Democracy require the citizen to spend effort to participate the process, it maybe tiresome, exhaustive, but everyone are given a chance to improve the system.

On the other hand, autocracy will waive the citizen from participating from decision making : all decision are made by the leader, and tradeoff, corruption are happens behind the scene. Under the autocracy system,everything looks so “secure”,”under controlled” and “calm” on the surface, but angers and explosive feeling cumulate when day pass. No body can fix the system until it collapse

It is clear that things are not in black and white as you seen. The freedom and “chaos” require by democracy keeping it intact, a long term “security”.

While the “Security” given by autocracy will corrupt the system, a short term “security”.

What democracy lesson we learn from Perak?
Lim Kit Siang bold move to bet on 5th media

When Lim Kit Siang post DAP CEC boycott action on his blog, he anticipated attack from MCA, he is right <a href=";. MCA Ong Ka Chuan as make the move and call Lim Kit Siang Cheating the Chinese .

In the yesteryear, there is no way Lim Kit Siang can counter the attack, since all media controlled by BN. Now, with emerge of the 5th media, blogger, Lim Kit Siang has new way to counter it. I am glad to learn that Malaysia Internet user and bloggers are not holding back to voices up.

After Lim Kit Siang make apologies and retract the boycott with popular request, it splats a humble pies on Ong Ka Chuan. Yes, the blogger didn’t hold back lambasting Ong Ka Chuan, remind him to solve his MCA business . With the support of peoples, Lim Kit Siang move left MCA virtually no excuses to use PAS to hit DAP in the next 5 years.

PKR stunts on misinformation
Some say PKR is pulling the leg. Alas, in fact, lot of misinformation here, and Nataniel Tan clear some of the mist.

It is very important that we understand this.

By way of further context: In Perak, DAP won 18 seats, KeADILan 7 and PAS 6.

*If* I understand correctly what the current DAP-PAS agreement that is being questioned is:

TMB 2 – Indian (party yet indeterminate)

Of 10 Exco Seats:
8 – DAP
2 – Lain-Lain

What Dr. Syed said is that under this arrangement, KeADILan will refuse any Perak State Exco seat.

He also said – and again this is very important – that regardless of the outcome, KeADILan will still support a DAP-KeADILan-PAS led state assembly (and thus, government).

So before we take in sensationalist accounts, I hope we can consider the facts.

As to what is fair or unfair with regards to the Exco positions et al, I suppose that is a matter of opinion.

So the situation are slightly more complicated. Some blogger and commenter start suggesting DAP to compromise some seat, and I don’t agree the such compromise. (that’s why I call it complicated).

And the easiest way to solve this? Mathematics : make a agreement between 3 parties, to create 5 news exco-seats, then make such arrangement

TMB 2 – Female

Of 15 Exco Seats:
8 – DAP
2 – PKR
2 – PAS
3 – Appointed expert/NGO that nominated by DAP,PKR and PAS.


This simple solution are brought to you my caffeinbar. 😉


2 Responses to “Malaysian : time to get used to open quarrels! ….and my solution to Perak exco issues.”

  1. davors

    hmmmm… i agreed with your analysis of the front part that LKS did that bold action is not as easy as most of the people can think of.. (go and read raja petra’s readers’ comments and you will know…)

    but indeed LKS is clever enough to let MCA virtually no excuses to use PAS to hit DAP in the next 5 years…

    but i dun think adding exco can solve the problem and it is not an options…

    anyhow i hope it can solve soon…

  2. mob1900

    Poster in your honour, dude since it’s your suggestion and idea:

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