Perak MB saga : Adjust to democracy mindset for the people like my old man

My old man are not from Perak, but from Penang state.

After he read today headlines (Well, I know 12 hours before him) about Lim Kit Siang announcement to boycott the swear-in ceremony in Perak, he give his opinion,
strong>”Yeah , LKS should boycott, because DAP won the majorities”

No, I didn’t remain silence, but I told my father, “Well, without the Malay and India people support, DAP can NEVER won that many seats in Perak. And Menteri Besar powerful post are now under clear scrutinized, no more superMB from opposition state now “.

And my old man agree my fact and change his tone. I bet this evening, when he watch TV news on the Perak swear-in ceremony, he will give uncle Lim Kit Siang a thumb up. 😉

See, many people still haven’t adjust their mindset to the new Malaysia democracy era.

Imagine this, uncle Lim Kit Siang are facing many times more unchanged mindset inside and outside DAP. He has many people to convince.

In fact, Lim Kit Siang published the DAP decision and seeking opinion from the 5th estate.

Yes, the bloggers speak out, everyone speak out. But that is not enough. Now the bloggers must also spread the news, convince people who having the same mindset like my old man.

Please remember when you do the convincing work :
1. Use Makkal Sakthi, the people power, as example of how Malaysian kick BN ass, DO NOT get diverted by the number of seat won, it is NOT important. It is the join effort of all races that make it happens.

2. The Perak MB cannot work alone. There is no more Khir toyol type of game, when state assembly monopoly by Barian Nasional. The Perak MB must work with all the state assembly. If he make something that against the will of people, the state exco from PKR, DAP or even PAS himself can reject him.


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  1. tomatoinc

    i agree.

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