UMNO threaten to scrap all Penang megaproject….So stupid, it make me ROFL

Oh dear…

Doc Maverick point out the obvious
Line snipped from Doc Mave blog

My Thoughts

I agree with Datuk Azhar Ibrahim. So what’s the problem? If you think this is what UMNO wants, please go ahead.

Does he knows who gets hurt? All these projects were awarded to UMNO cronies – Penang Monorail will go to Scomi; Penang 2nd Bridge is given to UEM, RapidPenang is UMNO owned, and PGCC is Patrick Badawi. Please go ahead UMNO!!!

When the news break, I bet UMNO cronies will rampant at Azhar Ibrahim office to ask him STFU(Shut The Fuck Up).

I know UMNO has little real economic expert, but I did not expert that failed the economic this bad.

Alas, perhaps many years of NEP and cronies economy has destroy their ability to grasp the concept of basic economy. He forgot who are him talking to. Despite inexperience, Lim Guang Eng are leading Penang, the Pearl of the Orient.

BN are so used to control economy, they can’t think of anything new.

Perhaps Penang Chief Minister MrLim Guang Eng should send a “Thank you” note to Azhar Ibrahim and UMNO. Thanks for his helping hand on uniting Penang people against BN.


4 Responses to “UMNO threaten to scrap all Penang megaproject….So stupid, it make me ROFL”

  1. 鈧凯


  2. zewt

    damn right… let them cancel… they have shown they are brainless… still is…

    moo_t : Taiko Jeffooi just mentioned, 5 states produce a large percentage of GDP. Doc Maverick has say that, you can’t give a pearl to someone who has not idea of it.

  3. suding

    Hey man! I agree with you. UMNO people are trying their best shit out to make Lim Eng Guan looks nuts. Because they want to pressure Lim down, they rather lose all the corrupted and biased projects.

    When I saw the news on TV3 yesterday announcing federal government will take away all mega projects from Penang, I see clearly how the UMNO people play dirty in the politics.

    moo_t : Well, I will call STUPID tricks than dirty tricks. 😉

  4. Pro Azhar Ibrahim

    Most of the newer big projects do not benefit the Penang Umnoputeras. PORR is old story. So UMNO Penang call to scrap the new big projects makes sense for them.

    Secondly, a high return on investment, or failure guarantee may be jeopardised with the threats of transparent freedom of information situation or review of terms. In such a situation would a crony want to proceed? If I were a crony, I would seriously consider pulling out of a less than lucrative opportunity. Again UMNO Penang call is doing the crony a favour.

    Other than RapidPenang, the other big projects do not seem to make much socio-economic sense or have sufficient benefit. So the people of Penang should thank UMNO Penang for calling for these projects to be cancelled permanently.

    moo_t : I afraid the second point are NOT valid, just looking at BN track records. ANYTHING can be bailed out. So you worry too much that cronies will pull out on “low Return on Invesment (low ROI)” project. The return to them is always high, filthy high.

    OTH, RapidPenang WILL not help the Penang relief the traffic problem. My reason ? RapidPenang are PART OF THE PROBLEM. 😉 I bet you know what I mean. Take Brasília as example, the 2.6 millions population metropolitan rely heavily on bus system. And people rate take more than 2 route, changing bus to reach their destination.

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