Tibet unrest : Do you really know Tibet?

A new round of start in Tibet.

Before anyone making conclusion, whether on the pro-western or pro-China, a research on Tibet is important.

Contradict to many western media, China occupation of Tibet quite similar to Vietnam roles on invading Cambodia.

Michael Parenti political archive has a balance piece of writing about Tibet, titled ”
Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth“.

Whatever wrongs and new oppressions introduced by the Chinese after 1959, they did abolish slavery and the Tibetan serfdom system of unpaid labor. They eliminated the many crushing taxes, started work projects, and greatly reduced unemployment and beggary. They established secular schools, thereby breaking the educational monopoly of the monasteries. And they constructed running water and electrical systems in Lhasa.

To welcome the end of the old feudal theocracy in Tibet is not to applaud everything about Chinese rule in that country. This point is seldom understood by today’s Shangri-La believers in the West. The converse is also true: To denounce the Chinese occupation does not mean we have to romanticize the former feudal régime. Tibetans deserve to be perceived as actual people, not perfected spiritualists or innocent political symbols. “To idealize them,” notes Ma Jian, a dissident Chinese traveler to Tibet (now living in Britain), “is to deny them their humanity.”

So what is the real problem that spark the unrest. Perhaps it is not unlike with the problem face by all the people around the world : preservation of cultures, jobs security, increase price of living cost,inflation, insecurities of immigrant flooding the job markets, etc.


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