To Dr Tan Seng Giaw : CCTV will NOT deter crimes

Posted On 15/03/2008

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From the news, I learn that Dr Tan Seng Giaw has pushing the agenda to install CCTV for some crime hot spot in Kuala Lumpur to curb the crime.

Dr Tan, as a citizen, I don’t agree with the BN idea of “quick and dirty”, with the “solutions” missing. CCTV are not good deterrent method for crime. As we know, wanted felony will not take off their helmet or reveal their number plate when conducting crimes.

Perhaps this articles will help you reassess the CCTV call.
Tens of thousands of CCTV cameras, yet 80% of crime unsolved

There is more crime deterrent method which are more effective. However implement those method are lengthy and will not give extra ringgits and sens to “some people involved” in the CCTV projects.

One Response to “To Dr Tan Seng Giaw : CCTV will NOT deter crimes”

  1. mob1900

    Go hentam his blog there, check his Austin Powers spectacle, Retro!

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