“Indispensable” Rafidah dropped. And LieZi laugh

Rafidah dropped from MITI. And the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi just give a simple statement : time to make way for someone new.

In the pass, Malaysia mainstream media never stop using the “experience” spin to attack the opposition abilities of governing. The spin are so good that, even many Malaysian start thinking, “experiences” are a MAIN requirement for government. It seems for years of stupendous education system, many Malaysian are kuku(brain death), few refuse to break from the logic of “indispensable” position. Many people seems agree with media logics that, a minister can live forever.

When the question arise about Lim Guang Eng abilities to hold the position of Penang Chief Minister, few are doing their home works. Especially some Penang people still thinks Koh Tsu Khoon are more “capable” and “experienced” compare to Lim Guang Eng.

LieZi – About life (列子 – 力命)

The King of Qi country take a tours to the Bull mountains. Looking at the south of the Qi border, the Qi King weeps, “Oh, my beautiful country. Someday I going to die and leave you. If there is no death in this world, then I don’t need to leave my country”
Two officer of King Qi follow and cries,”If we can live forever, we are willing to trade for it even by eating the leftover vegies, soiled meats, ride the old horse. ”
King Qi first minister, YanZi giggling at the site. King Qi swept his weeps and ask YanZi,”We are talking something serious, why are you laughing?”.

YanZi answer,
“If man never die, and rules the kindgom of Qi, I think, your ancestor, King QiZhuang and King QiLing has already done that. They will keep ruling the Qi country. My King, with both King in place, you will be a farmer in the rice field, and no time to think about the issue of not dying. In addition, if what you say become true, the throne will never reach to you. Because the previous King will forever rule the country, there is no way for you to inherit the throne . That’s why I giggles when my King say you refuse to die.”


One Response to ““Indispensable” Rafidah dropped. And LieZi laugh”

  1. Collateral Damage

    … but her husband, the former Maybank chairman Amirsham is in, as Minsiter in the PM’s Dept!

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