BN East Malaysia parties next name : CHEAPO

If I have the chance to see any of the East Malaysia Barisan Nasional parties head or member, I will LOL on them.

HAHAHAAHAHAAH. And instead of giving more cabinet minister seat to east Malaysia parties, minister post are still dominate by UMNO.

Sabah BN – 3 ministers, 4 deputy minister
Sarawak – 2 minister , 5 deputy minister

Total cabinet member, minister = 32 , deputy minister = 36.
Total Parliament seat won by BN Sabah = 24
Total Parliament seat won by BN Sarawak = 30

Total seat won by BN = 140. According to the rules of power sharing.
Sabah+Sarawak seats = 54, 54/140 = 38%. That means among 32 Cabinet minister, Sabah and Sarawak should have given 12 minister…, not 5. oh… poor kitties.

And guess what irks my eye, Abdullah Badawi appoint Mat Tyson as Rural and Regional Development minister. Wooowww. BN East Malaysia parties, EAT THAT.

Just checkout the cabinet results at here.

Apparently, Badawi “play smart” are a big mistake, for giving deputy minister post to BN East Malaysia parties

LOLCATS has a good piece of elaboration for BN East Malaysia parties.

p/s: See, moo_t can also be a good spin doctor to stir havoc on BN. 😉


3 Responses to “BN East Malaysia parties next name : CHEAPO”

  1. willchua

    as usual, sarawak and sabah is always been left behind. economics, development and even politics. i wonder when will there be revolution for us?

  2. Maverick SM

    The East Malaysian govt do not care much about being Federal Ministers because most of those appointed to Federal suffers bad fate at state level.

  3. ylchong


    BN sarawak?sabah rebellion how? Can you offer ’em some Sun Tzu art of w’r lessons? I’ll take 30% only wan!:)

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