Return of the Malay Male ;)

Posted On 18/03/2008

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Scream and shouts.

The Malay Male just return to blogsphere.

To read his older post, you must use Google News reader which cache all up all his old (blurdy funny) blog post.


3 Responses to “Return of the Malay Male ;)”

  1. suanie

    woo hooo!!!!!

  2. suanie

    most memorable Malay Male pantun:

    Pisang Emas dibawa belayar
    Masak sebiji di atas peti
    Yang lain Dr M bawak lari

    moo_t : kekekekekeke. too bad, google reader has limited cache.

  3. mob1900

    What he’s back?!!
    Like Mat Tysan?!!

    Hey, it’s FUN to have Mat Tysan around!

    moo_t : I will trade 1,000,000 Mat Tysan for 1 Malay Male 😉

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