Let me show you Malaysia way of “developments”

Peter Tan just wrote a new piece of Malaysia-Boleh mentality development : Sooka Sentral

Go check out the photo, it worth a thousands word. I am speechless.

This is the ramp leading to Sooka Sentral. This is an example of building a ramp for the sake of building a ramp. It does not serve any purpose except to show that there is a ramp leading to the building. No wheelchair user can get himself up that ramp, not even with assistance.

The ramp form a 35 degrees slope. The distance between the slope high ground and low ground are around 2 meters. For normal people, taking the stair are much effortless than walking on the ramp. Even with assistant, tell me how can a handicapped personnel cross this 2 meters with their wheelchair against the gravities?

No, I don’t thinks the ramp are mean for goods. Because for bulky items, unless you use a trolley with big wheels, the trolley will just hit the bottom of the ramps. For shopping carts, the ramp too steep and cause accidents.

And Peter Tan “building a ramp for the sake of building a ramp” hit the bulls eye of Malaysia development problem. Always, the government/developer simply build thinks for the sick of profiteering than its functionality.

Are we are not stranger for such mindset. E.g.
– 5 version of Mass transit system in Kuala Lumpur itself, that even the ticketing system doesn’t talk to each other
– A National car project without institutional knowledge building plan
– Tons of new universities for the sick of pumping “unemployable” graduates
– A trans-state water pipe from Perak to Selangor, when state suffer ongoing 40% water leakage.
– Penang Monorails, without feasibilities study on other cheaper and more effective long run solutions
– 2nd Penang Bridge, again, without feasibilities study on other method e.g. reduce traffics.
– PGCC, again, no feasibilities study. And the tropical monsoon weather are NEVER in the environmental assessment plan.
– Various Economy region that no solid assessment plan and feasibilities studies


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