Now what, the Songkok issues?

Apparently, when RPK(Raja Petra, write about Small things please small minds, he never think of the Songkok issue from cultural and history point of view.

Teng Chang Khim give the article a timely response.

Then RPK wrote A storm in a songkok, still refuse to back the issue with history point of view.

It seems many people LOVE to lambast DAP as Chinese chauvinist party. Alas, few people learn that, DAP representative are one of the political group in Malaysia that frenzy about facts. As Ktemoc has point out, they are too “straight” (I bet many internal quarrels also cause by their straight behavior, just look at Fong Po Kuan 😉 ).

RPK, where is the history and cultural facts of Songkok?
When RPK shooting tons of volley towards DAP, he make a grave mistake by failing to define the REAL function of songkok.

I can bet RM0.20 with you, DAP has no problem adapt the idea of Songkok.

But first, you must give a SOLID facts to them and prepare to stand the debates by exchange the idea of cultural aspect.

The first question : When non Malay wearing songkok, is it really a show of respect to Malay cultures?

Are songkok symbol of Ka’bah?
In my childhood, I hear some Imam describe songkok, is a headgear that resemble the holy Ka’bah. It is a symbol of destiny that each Malay Muslim must make pilgrims to the Holy Ka’bah at least once in a life time.
When a Muslim fulfill their pilgrimage to Mekkah, they can wear the Haji head scarf, so everyone know he is a Haji – a Muslim that fulfill his pilgrimage to Mekkah.

And this is the story(or facts?) I learn during my childhood.

If it is true, then it is a blemishes to Malay Muslim if non Malay wearing Songkok. Just imagine a non Muslim wear a Haj cap.

Now who is clueless?


Correct me if I am wrong.

………..New notes added —>


Now I got some people attention.
Menj speaks in his blog

The songkok is merely a headgear from the Nusantara, the same as the turban from the Arab peninsula, the kaffiyyeh from Palestine or the tarboosh from Egypt. There is no religious significance attached to it.

Hmmmmm. I will try to gather more standpoint from history and cultures for Songkok.


One Response to “Now what, the Songkok issues?”

  1. Hafiz

    That’s new. Never heard of that before.

    moo_t : I can find much of such Songkok data from net either. Perhaps my childhood memory deceive me.

    And I found this from malaysia-today commenter for the dress code for Royal function for DYMM Agong.

    Western Dress

    Dark Lounge Suit
    (i) Dark Lounge Suit;
    (ii) White collared shirt;
    (iii) Dark tie;
    (iv) Black socks;
    (v) Black leather shoes;
    (vi) With Songkok for Muslims.

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