For Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Health curse will continue

Image source from lolcats

The calling of Minister of Hell are start by thestar editor,Wong Chun Wai .

However, similar to most Malaysia media, Wong Chun Wai failed to explain the Karma part of turning Minister of health a hell job for politicans.

Palm Doc Ministry of Hell are giving hints : it is the process.

Palm Doc say

It’s not the duration of the waiting time that is crucial. So what if it is 30 minutes or 90 minutes? What is far more important is what comes out of the encounter with the doctor! If you ensure that “quality service” like patient records not misplaced, lab results not traced or gone missing that would be more meaningful than reducing wait time.

Apparently, most MCA fella that holding the Minister of Health post are CLUELESS. Forget about the fucking administration “experience”, many years of experience mean NOTHING if you remain clueless. For example, a janitor that swept the office floor are not eligible to work in hospital if they failed to grasp the concept of hygiene!

Affordable health care, qualitative doctor (or medical officer), adequate equipment, medical staff welfare, effective medical system ,universal health care system, etc are all dangling problem for Malaysia health care.

And WTH KNNCCB, the first thing that Liow can think of

Liow is keen to improve the waiting time at public hospitals down from the 90 minutes instituted by Dr Chua during his tenure. His target is 30 minutes.

If Liow keep avoiding the essential problem, keep compromise national health care issue over profit oriented mindset, as ALL his MCA colleague did, he can never break the “curse” of Minister of Health.


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