SMART tunnel closed indefinitely!? Where is the sciences and math?

What happens when you turn development from science to art?

Let me present yet another Malaysia Boleh prove of concept piece of “development art”, the RM1.93 billion SMART-tunnel- Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel

According to news on 24 March 2008 news from thestar

Smart Tunnel closed indefinitely
KUALA LUMPUR: The Smart Tunnel will be closed for flood mitigation operations until further notice.
“The water level has risen and if diversion was not conducted, Dataran Merdeka could have been submerged in water,” he said.

My critique about SMART feasibilities are pretty close to truth.

Even Kuala Lumpur doesn’t have a continuous rain, SMART must be close indefinitely. The reason is cause by upstream water that flush through the river, and Klang river is run right pass Kuala Lumpur city.

Bare in mind that SMART-tunnel are mean to withheld 2.5 millions metric liters of water. In fact, SMART-tunnel are not just dealing water, but gravity energy that store with the water. In full capacity, this equal to 1,000 olympic size swimming pool (50m height x 25m width x 2m depth). And this has yet mentioning deposits such as muds that add weight to the water.

And to discharge 2.5 millions cubic meters of water, you can’t flush it out like toilet bowl. A safe water discharge should not increase more than 500cm of water into the Kerayong river, which eventually join the downstream of Klang river. Kerayong River average witdh are 30 feets (10 meters), 0.5m x 10 m x 1 m = 5m3. This mean a release of 5m3 per seconds of water , can easily raise the river half a meters. If Kerayong River has been upgrade to take 1 meters of water, this will increase the discharge rate to 10m3/s.

And to fully flush 2.5 millions m3 water, it will take 2,500,000 / 10 = 250,000 seconds = 2.89 days. (2 days 22 hours)

If Kerayong river are not upgraded, using 5m3/s rates, it will take 5.78 days (5days, 19hours). Since the road system may only occupied (1/3) of the whole SMART-tunnel, this mean the tunnel will available in 1.92 days (1 day, 22 hours). But final stretch cleanup works will take 1-2 days, this mean the tunnel roadway will not be available for the next 4 days.

Oh the BN government told the people the SMART-tunnel cost RM 1.93 billions, now where is the cost of Kerayong river upgrade? Another multiple ten millions?


4 Responses to “SMART tunnel closed indefinitely!? Where is the sciences and math?”

  1. Jojo

    can’t imagine our dataran merdeka flooded..

    moo_t : Suprise! My friend, the underground of dataran merdeka flood countless time. Everyone around the area know NOT TO park their car there.

  2. Ashwina

    informational blog

  3. azrin

    we need a sewer-like system. period.

    moo_t : Sewage system and drainage system are two different system. Sewage water are not suppose to enter the drainage system before treatments. However, with RM1.9 billions, KL can build a decent waste treatment system, but …..

  4. aa

    aiyo… thats a pot of gold at the end of the tunnel, that was the only motivation by the developers…. got it?

    moo_t : 😦

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