Trengganu, crisis or opportunities?

KTemoc has wrong an interesting piece on the Menteri Besar appointment development in Putrajaya 2, Terengganu 1.

The most eye opening part are the sacking of Ahmad Said from UMNO. I am not sure the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, also the UMNO president, has give the instruction to sacks Ahmad Said, by intentions.

With abundance law expert, Abdullah Badawi know that Trengganu Sultan cannot override the constitution, where the parties held the majority of state assembly has the right to elect their own Menteri Besar. In standard Barisan Nasional practice, it is the Prime Minister that will name the Menteri Besar.

I notice the surprise turn as KTemonot an issue for Ahmad Said. If the sacking retain, nobody can call Ahmad Said defect from BN to BR.

And best of all, with Ahmad Said, it won’t be a grubby defection because that bloke is now an independent ADUN. Yes, I know he’s not of much use to Anwar in a federal situation but hey, great fortunes have been, are and will be built on the philosophy of “Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land (of the PKR)” – with apologies to J Carney.

It intrigue me when Abdullah Badawi make such move. It is none other than pushing Ahmad Said and his supporter to a corner.

Nevertheless, politics is a game of survival. With call to force Ahmad Badawi to step down as UMNO president, this might be a move for Badawi to use the “crisis” to create opportunities to strengthen his control by weakening UMNO for a few seats.

Similar to Anwar, it is about grassroots support. If the grassroot support are weak, Ahmad Said will not make the disobedient move to accept the Menteri Besar appointment letter. Will Ahmad Said grassroots deceive him? We will know this very soon.

Don’t hold your breath if UMNO suddenly “recall” the cry to sack Ahmad Said.



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