Modify constitutions to prevent parties hopping ? NOT AGAIN !

I am lazy to repeat everything, so I will refer to KTEmoc latest writing : DAP shot down party hoppers

Changing Malaysia constitutions to prevent parties hopping? I will vote no.

In fact, it deems unnecessary. As ZhuangZi, the 2000 years old philosopher has point out in Qie-Zue(Stealing safe)

When lawmaker enacted law to enforce moral and ethical, Bandits will overcome by learning the loophole….
People put their belonging into a safe to prevent theft, it sounds wise to many people. However, when the big bandit arrived, they will run away with the whole safe . To the bandits, a secured box with locks are more than welcome. So what deems wise and smart, are only preparation to help the bandits. Isn’t clever people always help the bandit accumulate the wealth? And wise people will kept the wealth for the bad guys?

And the whole parties hopping episode are none other than a test to the representative virtue and the political parties cultures.

From the 1999 Sabah PBS nearly collapse due to parties hopping, it show that PBS representative and PBS has a weak cultural values on holding trust. Yes, it PBS screen its representative, promote a healthy parties cultures, hopping will not happens. On the other hand, Mahathir by playing the hopping games, show that UMNO are disregard about the Malay tradition of virtue and moral ground. And extend the issue further, you will learn that UMNO are far departs from the Malays cultural world.

Yes,, politics is a “dirty” games, but it doesn’t mean you can downplay the essential universal value. Because people who play dirty, will eventually consume by their own dirty tricks.

When BN bring out the idea of changing constitutions to prevent parties hopping, I am disappointed DAP Karpal Singh show his support on the constitutions amendment draft. Although I agree with Karpal Singh speak against on parties hopping, but I must remind Karpal Singh, the constitution should NOT be modify for the sick of parties hopping.

Barisan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional coalition should question themselves about their party cultures.


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