Trengganu : The dealers

The political outcome of Trengganu is an interesting card game thesis.

There is many entities in game trying to make themselves the dealer, all with some card to show. Malaysian just sit and watch how the whole poker game goes 😉

The King, which is also Sultan Royal of Trengganu : Royal adviser card. The King Card, Trengganu State constitution card and 1 Ahmad Said Card.

Ahmad Said : The King Card, many grassroot supporter cards, and wildcard from ADUN that will switch side.

Idris Jusoh : Errrr, 1 federal support card, and 22 voice card and a joker

Abdullah Badawi : Federal constitution card, President of UMNO card, an UMNO unity card

22 UMNO Trengganu state assembly members : Adaptive card. They will switch to any side that benefit them most

The solo MCA Trengganu state assembly member : Joker 😉

8 PAS Trengganu state assembly members : Wait card


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