Bentung Assemblyman Siva give a bad name to India society

Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam has quit DAP.

And the reason he gave?

Sivasubramaniam said he had had lost confidence in the Perak DAP as it failed to fulfill its promise to appoint two Indian state executive council members.

I always uphold one should has the own liberties to make decision. However, liberties are always bind with great responsibilities.

When A. Sivasubramaniam are given the chance to rally for Bentung, there is no promises from DAP about any EXCOs seat. In addition, Sivasubramaniam must answer the promises he made. Apparently, Sivasubramaniam are taking the liberties for granted, he bad tongue on DAP “failure” will do him no good, nor it will “damage” DAP.

An enrage about A. Sivasubramaniam irresponsibilities , has earn himself a bad name. In addition, MIC also has been pulling along. If Samy Velu thinks Siva quit are victory for MIC, too bad.

Compare to DAP HINDRAF leader that still detained under ISA, A. Sivasubramaniam action are not favourable nor bright. He action has betray the whole Indian society.

Now I wonder whether A. Sivasubramaniam has the guts to resign the state assemblyman post and contest again.

We will see.


With Siva depart, Teng Chang Khim virtuous will earn much greater respect among the people, regardless of race.


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